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A week before your kitty goes into labor she will be inspecting secluded places where to bring her babies into. If your house is hectic and unsafe for her to have her kittens, be warned! That she might go somewhere else to give birth. I never had that happened to me but it happened to a dumb cousin of mine.

You must gain you kitty's trust so that she doesn't go somewhere else! Talk to her and let her know you're on her side. Unlike other animals, cats will understand about 70% of what you're saying, and they are guided mostly by nice expressions and willingness on your part. Unlike popular belief, cats are very dependent and in need of lots of love and affection. If you are not ready to "give yourself" don't expect kitty to glorify you!

Prepare spots for her to give birth, about three is good. Show them to her and give her a choice. We took a box about the size of 19" TV, made a hole big enough for her to crawl in, we put bedding on it. We also told her she could choose the closet for her babies too. She chose the box.

Anyway, when the day is approaching, you will see that your kitty will lay down to rest on her side and you will be able to see movement in her tummy, because the kittens are getting ready to come out any day.

As the day gets closer she will show more discomfort, then when the day finally arrives you can tell she is in quite some terrible pain!

When the moment of truth comes she will hide. Hopefully in the place where you told her to have her babies. :)

My niece once had her cat give birth on her bed, when she woke up, she was surrounded by kittens! Yay! <3

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