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If it's just a couple of ticks, and not an infestation, it's relatively easy to remove ticks. Simply grab the tick with tweezers as close to it's head as possible and pluck it out steadily and firmly backwards. Occasionally, dogs may bleed once the tick is plucked, but only a small amount which should quickly clot - apply some styptic powder/gel if concerned. Flush the tick down the toilet so it doesn't have a chance of reattaching itself to your dog.

To prevent from further bites, consider using a monthly preventative like Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix. These will not prevent ALL tick bites, but should protect against the vast majority. Some people recommend adding Brewer's Yeast or garlic powder to your dog's dinner which makes your pet less "appealing" to insects.

If it's an infestation, I've known people to use a Lime-Sulfur dip, which REEKS, but is effective, and is available online. Be sure to thoroughly wash or dispose of your pet's bedding as well. Seek veterinary advice if little is working.

There is no easy way to do this. Go to the pharmacy and get yourself latex gloves and a big bottle of ethyl alchohol. You need to remove each tick one by one yourself. Being careful NOT TO LET any climb on YOU. Get a plastic cup and fill it with alchohol, then dip each tick in the alchohol to kill it. Wear a shower cap if you have long hair. Repeat this treatment every day as needed until the dog is clear of them. Do not let the dog frequent places that might have breeding grounds for ticks. Check the bedding, or better yet, wash with boiling water, being careful not to get burned.

If you think you can not do this take the dog to the nearest animal shelter's doctor to have your dog checked and treated, they will usually charge for it but it shouldn't be too much.

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