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Maybe ask them if you can volunteer or work for a local shelter or rescue group. You could also try fostering a dog, where you take care of a shelter dog while it is waiting for an approved person to adopt it. Some foster dogs may need daily medical care if the dog has been injured. All foster dogs will need regular training and socialization so they are well-behaved when they goes to their forever homes. Some foster dogs are young puppies that aren't quite old enough to be adopted out. And some foster dogs never get adopted and may spend the rest of their lives with their foster family. You could offer to take care of a friend's or neighbor's dog(s) when they go on vacation..

Dogs are a lot of responsibility - and money. You will need a lot of confidence, patience, determination, devotion, and a good sense of humor to own a dog. Will you have enough time to spend training, socializing, grooming, and exercising a dog? Are you willing to spend the resources to ensure the best future for a dog? Be prepared for the unexpected, which could include, but is certainly not limited to: destroying carpets & furniture, attacking the neighbor, hit by a car, swallowing a toy, getting pregnant because you didn't have the money to spay her, and so many other possibilities. Oh, and never by a puppy on a whim, always research before you buy and steer clear of puppy mills and pet shops.

Good luck!

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