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Beagles are high and low energy kind of dogs.

When they feel the urge to run, they run. Actually, they're known for the need for running space, as Beagles have quite a few wild hairs! Mischievous, calculating, quick-- all words to describe a Beagle. As well, a Beagle never tires of investigating her surroundings. If it were her choice, she'd probably opt for wandering around a large backyard over snoozing on the couch any day.

Sometimes this breed can be deceptive in motivation, which often gives the uninitiated false preconceptions. While your Beagle rests (notice 'rests', not 'sleeps') during the day, the Easter Egg hunt can begin. A busy, busy bee in her hidden life, a quick overlook of any room in your home will yield some interesting insights into how your canine friend ticks. You may find that she has horded her favorite toys and 'buried' them all in her favorite hiding spots (and she will have many, because this breed is often very secretive!), only to be re-found later, rinse-repeat.

All in all, Beagles are sprightly, playful, loving, protective, loyal, stubborn, intelligent Hound dogs.